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Changes To YouTube - 2 Learning Channels

As you may know, YouTube is doing a structural change which is fundamentally changing the entire platform of YouTube. Certain aspects of YouTube are considered obsolete and how you view it may be completely different. 

You should know, I have taken the time in the Channels to re-organize the videos as I seen this change 3 weeks ago from my advantage point. Access to videos will remain free and unaffected. 

Mikeyssmail continues to be the main video channel of my entire content. Videos for the most part are organized. This will contain all learning videos as well as non related learning videos such as live shows and etc.  

Recently, I have added a secondary Channel called The Crochet Crowd. The difference is that this channel at this time has only a handful of videos. However, it is going to be organized by Playlists. Looking for a scarf pattern, then you will look under CROCHET SCARVES and any tutorial I have done in association to scarves will be there. Videos are going to organized extensively and as detailed as possible so you can find your videos easier. This channel will remain to be TUTORIALS and LEARNING ONLY. No extra fun videos like outtakes, live shows and etc. 

Personally, I really like the new format. It takes a bit getting used to but it’s more geared to video content and a viewing experience. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Once you get working with it and understand the navigation features, you will be using YouTube as normal. 

Good Luck,